The Atelier

Situated in the Paris End of Collins Street, our atelier lays laden with creative drive and passion. It is the epicentre of the label where concepts are conceived and visions are realised. Specializing in prestigious, haute couture embroidery and embellishments our atelier is where the meticulous craftsmanship of a rarefied team of artisans merges to create astonishing bridal, tailored and cocktail garments. DELPHINE GENIN produces garments of only the highest calibre and introduces to Australia an unseen standard of production in this long established craft.

The Tradition

DELPHINE GENIN is dedicated to the tradition of Les Métiers d’Art, which is why we work exclusively with a select group of exceptionally skilled artisans. Through close collaboration with elite suppliers throughout Australia and France we are able to achieve remarkable standards of production. Creative Director, Delphine Genin oversees each fraction of construction. An innate perfectionism, and loyalty to her training at the prestigious L’Ecole Lesage, a subsidiary of Chanel, has provided Delphine the great privilege of being further mentored by world-renowned Haute Couture professionals. Her time with legendary artisans such as Dominique Pillard, who collaborates with luminaries like Jean Paul Gaultier, has granted Delphine the opportunity to really cultivate the artistry of traditional embellishments. She respects and embraces heritage while adapting to modern audiences.

The Uniqueness

Inspired by themes of artistic celebration and cultural sophistication, each collection is an expression of these concepts. Every bespoke gown is designed to depict the allure and individuality of the wearer. By utilising only the finest materials and coupling them with a diverse and extensive range of techniques we create captivating, multi dimensional pieces. Never to be replicated, each creation emanates a distinctive standard of modern luxury and true authenticity.