The first of the three stages of commission to completion involves an interview appointment with creative director Delphine Genin. During this initial consultation, your intimate introduction of each other is a key step towards the design of your garment.

You will then discuss the theme of your event, what you like and dream about wearing during that occasion. The journey begins with photos and colours inspirations you might bring, but you will be shown the latest shapes and textures we are working on as well as fabrics and embroideries.

After the initial consultation, creative director Delphine Genin will have a better understanding of your needs and will create a design with a sketch especially for you. During a second consultation, you will approve the design, and make any adjustments needed prior to starting to craft the unique piece.


DELPHINE GENIN Couture gowns are made using your personal measurements. They will be taken during your Initial consultation or Design consultation, depending on your preference.

Based on your personal measurement sheet, our atelier will create a toile to ensure form and precision. After the toile is perfected, the gown will be handcrafted from a special fabric designed for you only.

Over a number of fittings, depending on detail and complexity, the masterpiece begins to take shape. Adjustments are made, embroidery and embellishments are incorporated, and every detail is fastidiously assessed.


The garment being completely hand-crafted, it can take anywhere from 50 to 300 hours to create and between 3 to 8 months to produce depending on details.

Along with seamstresses using their expertise, it is not rare to have up to three artisans specialised in their field working on the embellishments to bring yours and Delphine’s thoughts onto the piece.

Once the piece is finalised, a final fitting is organised to ensure complete perfection and satisfaction. Your bespoke creation is meticulously inspected and polished to an exemplary standard.