The Creative

Delphine Genin is the creative director of the label. Both determined and talented, running a successful atelier has always been her life’s ambition. By laying her foundations in finance as a CFO and working at an executive level, Delphine was able to adapt her advanced business management skills into supporting and establishing her own label. The opportunity to commence her long awaited transition into fashion presented itself in her search for a gown to mark a special occasion. She was in pursuit of a garment suitable for a strong and influential businesswoman who reserved a strong appreciation for tradition and understated elegance. She was inspired in her quest and her creative vision flourished as her tenacity catapulted her into the prolific world of Haute Couture.

The Inspiration

Creativity, innovation and excellence are the fundamental pillars of, and driving force behind Delphine Genin’s creative vision. From the very beginning her objective has been to create bespoke creations of the finest calibre. Designed to be the highlight of any occasion, each composition emanates sophistication while complimenting and celebrating the individual beauty of the woman she is gowning. She is inspired by their uniqueness and aims to highlight these qualities through her designs and craftsmanship.